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I am proud and honored to be ENDORSED BY Susie O’Brien and Stephen White Ohio Republican State Central Committee Members, 16th District Dublin Republican Club Franklin County Republican Club of the Year 2019 JD Kaplan is the best choice for State Central Committee Member. He has worked tirelessly to support Republican candidates and Republican ideals for over 12 years. I wholeheartedly endorse him and urge you to vote for JD Kaplan. - Susie O’Brien Republican State Central Committee Member 16th District I've known JD for over a decade. He believes strongly and passionately that the people should be making political decisions. The Ohio Republican Party, like most political organizations, is an insiders club. To the extent possible, JD will advocate against the kind of insider dealing that goes on in politics on both sides. There are lots of other reasons, but that's a snapshot. If you take a Republican ballot consider JD for the volunteer position. - Marc Schare Worthington Resident I support JD because he is devoted to the good of the Dublin Republican Club regardless of who gets the credit. He is a tireless worker who seeks out the needs and opinion of constituents. He is a quick learner, honest and trustworthy. He is a true Conservative, he will not tolerate government waste. He will be a credit to Ohio Republican State Central Committee. I am proud to support him. - Charles H. McClenaghan Attorney and Counselor at Law Dublin Republican Club President Thank you, JD, for planning and hosting such a terrific event this morning. I don't recall another time when I've seen the excitement and confidence in our party that I saw this morning. What a great way to kick off the march toward November! On behalf of my campaign team, and everyone in attendance, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our common cause! - Pat Manley Candidate for Ohio House Distric 24 JD, Today's D2D was outstanding. Your selflessness and dedication to having good folks elected to public service in our comminity is absolutely invaluable. I am grateful and humbled to have your support and friendship. I hope you are inundated with messages of gratitude. You deserve at least that much!! - Joe Tonges Senior Vice President at Huntington Bank JD can be counted on to bring a fresh perspective to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee. He has a common sense approach and a commitment to grass roots involvement that will ensure that community input in local governance is encouraged and facilitated. - Bill and Stephanie Ramsey Dublin Residents JD Kaplan is a “good” neighbor and deserving of our vote for Ohio Republican State Central Committee. Always aware of the needs of his neighbors and his community, JD will work tirelessly to insure excellent results and follow his conscience to do the right thing. I am voting for JD, I hope you will also! - Jeff Noble Army, Lt. Colonel (retired) I am a Dublin resident and neighbor of JD Kaplan and I wholeheartedly endorse him for Ohio Republican State Central Committee. Over the years I have had several conversations with JD and I know of his genuine interest in Ohio Politics. Not only have I witnessed his volunteerism, I have watched his ease when engaging in conversation with friends and strangers alike. He truly is a natural communicator and a man who has a vision for Ohio's future. I encourage you to vote for JD Kaplan for Ohio Republican State Central Committee. - Hilda Doyle Recording Artist / Entertainer I have known JD Kaplan for many years and there is no one more committed to a project than JD. He lives by his words. He keeps his word. He is a good, honest man with high values. It is his nature to work tirelessly for others. He will be the best for the Ohio Republican State Central Committee! - Sally Rhodes Hospital Administrator There is not a better man, leader and community activist than JD to represent the Republican State Central Committee 16th District. I had the pleasure of working with JD before he started up his own business. He gives his all to everything he does. - ‎Laurie Sickles‎ Realtor

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